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Lexington Criminal Trial Attorney

When you need a strong criminal defense, there can be vital benefits in choosing a defense lawyer with prior experience as a prosecutor. An attorney who has experience with the solicitor’s office is able to see the issues from all angles. Before opening the Law Offices of C. Dayton Riddle III, L.L.C., I gained extensive experience in criminal law as a deputy solicitor. I am driven to providing assertive legal representation to protect your rights.

As a former prosecutor with nearly 30 years of experience practicing law, I will draw upon my deep knowledge of the law to advise you and vigorously represent you in criminal court.

Whether you are accused of drunk driving charges, a theft or property crime, domestic violence charges or a drug violation, the court system can treat the allegations harshly. You are likely concerned about the potential for jail or prison time, large fines and other harsh consequences that may flow, if a conviction is entered. Future enhancements and collateral consequences on future employment or educational opportunities are a great concern for many individuals who are facing charges in South Carolina criminal court.

Alcohol-Related Offenses Can Be Tough On South Carolina Students

Students and parents of students should be concerned about the impact that a charge for alleged underage drinking, possession of a fake ID, minor in possession and other student offenses or juvenile crimes may have on future opportunities.

Sound Advice And A Solid Defense From A Lawyer With Deep Knowledge Of The Law

When you retain my services you will receive the personal attention that you deserve. I will analyze all of the relevant details surrounding your legal problem and provide straightforward advice about your options. From possible diversion programs to seeking dismissal, acquittal or reduced charges, I will keep you informed of the nuances of the law throughout the process, while zealously protecting your rights.

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