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Lexington Drug Defense Attorney

Drug laws in South Carolina are complex. No matter what public opinion says about marijuana offenses and other drug crimes, the drug laws are strict and vigorously enforced by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. In reality, with enhancements available under South Carolina law, there is no minor drug offense. If you have been accused of a drug offense, it is critical that you seek the advice and representation of a knowledgeable Lexington drug defense lawyer.

At the Law Offices of C. Dayton Riddle III, L.L.C., I have a deep understanding of the law. As a former prosecutor, I learned how law enforcement, the courts and other prosecutors handle legal issues. I now use that knowledge to build a criminal defense strategy in each case.

Personalized, Aggressive Criminal Defense

My practice is devoted to learning the concerns and goals of my clients and aggressively pursuing a defense strategy to best match those goals. When you retain my law firm to protect your rights, you can rest assured that I will give you straightforward, practical answers to your questions and diligently defend you.

Drug crimes range from simple possession of marijuana to more serious charges involving the sale, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances. I am prepared to provide a solid criminal defense to drug violations involving any kind of controlled substance, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription medications
  • Synthetic drugs

Comprehensive Criminal Defense, Including Tackling Collateral Issues

Prosecutors in South Carolina pursue cocaine trafficking and other distribution offenses with vigor. These cases involve complex issues that go beyond the alleged offense. The government frequently seeks to take assets that prosecutors think can be tied to a drug trafficking offense.

The legal forfeiture of property in a drug trafficking case is among the many collateral consequences that a knowledgeable drug crime defense lawyer in Lexington will anticipate and address. Collateral consequences, including potential future enhancements to new offenses, are always important to consider in defending against current drug charges.

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If you are facing any level of drug offense, contact me online or call my office at 803-298-8035. The initial meeting to review your situation is free.

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